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CW Foods, LLC

           Salyersville, KY - Manchester, KY 

               Frenchburg, KY - Martin, KY

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At CW Foods, our stores have become more than just another grocery store. They have a reputation that is built around community, and a gathering place where our foods have always been fresh, and business has always been done with a smile and a handshake. Some things have changed over the years, but the quality of our products and our commitment to creating an inviting local shopping experience has stayed the same. It’s little things like this, that make us local at heart and allow us to deliver simple goodness to the communities we call home.

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Kentucky Double Dollars Returns

A Great Way To Stretch Your Budget

CW Foods is proud to announce that the Kentucky Double Dollars program has returned for the 2022 growing season.  This program provides up to $10 in free Kentucky grown produce to consumers who currently receive SNAP benefits.  When a consumer makes a purchase of over $10 in a SNAP transaction, a coupon is issued for up to $10 in free Kentucky grown produce.  This program provides nutritious and healthy foods to families, while supporting our local farmers.  

Visit for program details.

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